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Thursday, September 30, 2010

D'Rich 的回忆

故事的开始都常有它的起因,今晚约了三五知己又来到了这熟悉的地方。还记得肿铃的那一篇吗?还记得我是如何表达出完完全全D'rich的味道吗? 让你们再回味回味一下:"这地方垄入了排排档的露天感觉,和有些高级的亲密无间关系,像只大东瓜的胖胖妞,拿着围巾在大风吹拂的沙漠上漫跑的情景。。是不是超攒的呢?"










黄门后代 绝笔于此

Beginning of the story are often the cause of it, at about the Sanwuzhiji and came to this familiar place. Remember that a swollen ring it? Remember how I express completely D'rich tastes like? Give you another memorable recollection of it: "This place is a row of ridge into the open-air food stalls feeling of intimacy and some high-level relationship between the Big East melon like a fat girl, holding scarves blowing in the wind of the desert race scene diffuse .. is not a super save it? "Yes, that is the taste. . Then three times the back, really want to cry: "Home, I'm back!" This desire is not to describe the former several times. Like the four seasons of the match, how do you say? Like. .

Spring meet, each other implicitly;
summer, holding hands, looking each other;
the fall of the encounter, mutual understanding;
winter fit each other's enthusiasm. Still do not understand?

If so easy to understand, you take my seat was it! Do you think so easy to be called "literary talent scholar" Oh? The "Duo" But come easy! The same specificity as I forgive and forget Bunsen, I love the salted egg yolk point of the article copied fruit. Do you also remember how I describe this dish fruit Bay must be the wind, the blood boiling, mesmerizing, seamlessly, vivid comfortable with it? Think back. . "One in, when you say nothing, see my face who have seen me draw the tears, not hot, not hurt, but the happiness of gratitude, a long time.. This time, I closed my eyes, saw her, the mountain forests in the changing shuttle, many of the excitement of the elephant-Benz, the loneliness she trampled to death.. "is this sentence, but the next day with results from the section line to buy a wave of speculation. Is a bit too lonely sentiment it? Mercedes-Benz also wants to be an elephant to trample it? Ha. But this time, I have the illusion but not the last sentiment, this has become more practical. Real, what can describe it? Mercedes-Benz as more elephants to be more exciting to me to see her, to the real trampled to death, her soul still in the changing of the mountains, slowly disappeared. . This is not terrible, horrible thing is, this time I had seen that as the Big East melon fat and she ran from the desert of the acridine. Ah! Sadly, how ah.

I've always enjoyed early flutter about, sitting below the drizzling rain, every drop of water droplets are small smile and say hello to me, the light hit the ground at the moment drops, drops of water flash point, is how the surging frustration, excitement from the thousands of starving cells, excited my brain. The point is, the lighting, not the usual lights, but Napoleon 17th century European-style street lamps. Generation of hero of the aggressor, and the combination of lights, you served yet? Coming and going, and time elapsed are jokes in. Heart get to meet, and a mouth can not tell, there are hand written unknown ah!

Future scholar Huang Wen-Cai Zhu Ankang door must document this


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